Where can we get the flash costume and More

The point to remember is this, whether for a question of comfort or simply means, a small modification of an element is sometimes less shocking and especially more enjoyable than to be based on the character. is that we recognize him, not that we look exactly like him. In addition, if your character is from an animated universe, the adaptation may seem more natural.

Makeup and accessories

the flash costumes

More than the costume, which can sometimes be banal, it will often be accessories or a specific make-up that will make you recognize your character or give you some originality compared to other cosplayers. Now where can we get the flash costume? You need to know that.

Again taking my example, two things in particular seemed to me essential for the recognition of Harley Quinn directly, despite his less known alternative costume.

First, the makeup

the flash costumes

Flash always has a red foundation. Having myself a slightly tanned complexion, and especially several moles, we could not keep my natural complexion. So we opted for what is called paint for the skin. We had to put many layers of white before having a perfectly even complexion, especially in my naturally dark brown eyebrows, then we drew two black diamonds on my eyes. The cosplayer community is a fairly united community that does not hesitate to help each other. We all start one day and it is normal to have questions and people with a little more experience know this situation. Take your time to find the necessary materials for your cosplay. From Cossuits you get the best info now.

Indeed, we decided to replace his mask with a drawing directly on my skin. It is often very difficult to support the wearing of a mask, and this is my case, because it is absolutely necessary to use glue for the skin, which is common to make allergic reactions. To stay in the style of the character and still have a hidden effect, we decided to replace his mask in eight by two black diamonds.

If we can give you some advice for makeup, it is again to find alternative solutions that visually help people recognize your character without spoiling the day to go back and forth to the locker room! And most importantly, pay close attention to the choice of makeup, the paint for the skin is not necessarily suitable for everyone.

Harley Quinn’s Blackhammer

the flash costumes

Its traditional hammer being however very imposing, we chose to recreate the famous long-handled black hammer. To be sure of not getting tired of strolling with, we chose very light materials, which also helped in the distribution of weight. For the handle, we simply used a one-meter-long, rigid plastic pipe that is found in every do-it-yourself store and painted black with a spray of paint. For the other party, we glued together several rounds of frigolite, in which we made a hole to insert the handle and hold it with another piece of perpendicular plastic. Finally, we covered the whole thing with black leatherette and padded both sides with foam used to fill pillows! As you can see, it is sometimes easy to create impressive accessories from very common objects and at a lower cost.

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